YEAR: 2023

The first incarnation of Windows 2023 sees Marianna Serocka present her installation inspired by the story of Albert Zalewski’s lost 1974 sculpture, Temptation. For years, the cast bronze snake stood by the pond in Oliwa Park. In the 1990s, instead of tempting Adam and Eve with the apple, the Biblical snake aroused the desire of local scrap metal collectors, who ultimately stole it. Today, the only thing left of the sculpture is its stone pedestal and fragments of fastening elements. The fate of art objects introduced into public space is sometimes surprising. Usually, it is a highly risky business. Artworks become helpless; their safety hanging on several aspects, many of which their authors or custodians could not foresee.

Marianna will try to recreate the lost snake using unorthodox materials that will no longer attract potential thieves. She will use painting and sculpting techniques faithful to her trademark style. Her installation will be exhibited at the LKW Gallery for two weeks.

Exhibition curator: Anna Szynwelska

LKW Gallery