YEAR: 2019

I feed on it when someone looks at me when I dance. I do not pay attention to him, but I move with commitment, thanks to the awareness that he is looking at me. His / her mindfulness supports my personal satisfaction with the dance practice at the dance studio and at the party. He does not have to look at all the time. I feel connected to it, even if it is not watching at the moment. My involvement in the composition of movement does not fall.

   I perform even when I am in a crowd at a party and move with other people. Friends, strangers. I do not dance, that someone would admire me or seduce me. But without anyone looking, my satisfaction with dancing diminishes. This is my dancer experience. I would like people at parties not to feel assessed / blocked when someone is watching them, but they have taken advantage of this situation for themselves. It is obviously important who and how he looks, what his goal is. I like it when it looks with curiosity and does not expect anything. Only watching. And if there are 60 people at the party, and everyone will only look at me for a second in a minute, it’s like being watched for a full minute? And how do you look at each other in the same second, will I have enough power for another 10 minutes of dancing? Is it always about looking at, or is it enough to have a physical presence in one room? The presence of other dancers can be supportive, regardless of whether you know them, and whether they have a conscious intention of support. But if they have one? We want to offer such experience.

Text and concept: Monika Kiwak

Photo: Aleksandra Kulus

Light design: Marianna Serocka

Projects carried out under the Creative Scholarships of the City of Krakow with the help of: BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice